In the name of science : issues in responsible animal experimentation

TitleIn the name of science : issues in responsible animal experimentation
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1993
AuthorsOrlans, BF
Paginationix, 297 p.
PublisherOxford University Press
Place PublishedNew York
Publication Languageeng
ISBN Number0195070437 (alk. paper)
KeywordsANIMAL , Animal experimentation Moral and ethical aspects. , Animal Testing Alternatives. , Animal Welfare , animals , Animals, laboratory. , ethics. , laboratory. , Vivisection , Vivisection history
AbstractThis volume looks at the social, ethical, and political conflicts surrounding the use of animals in scientific experiments, and looks at the full range of opinions in this debate. The author makes the case that one way to answer questions raised is to push for public policy reforms that serve to improve the welfare of laboratory animals without jeopardizing scientific endeavor.
NotesGB93-60004F. Barbara Orlans.ill. ; 25 cm.Includes bibliographical references (p. 261-282) and index.Beginnings of institutionalized animal experimentation: nineteenth-century highlights -- Current attitudes and ethical arguments -- Major issues -- Legislation and the growth of protagonist organizations -- Animal subjects and alternatives -- Protocol review -- Community members on animal review committees -- Animal pain scales in public policy: an international perspective -- Pain, suffering, and death: warm- and cold-blooded vertebrates, mollusks, and insects -- Testing -- From sunshine laws and civil disobedience to raids -- Use of animals in education -- Source of laboratory dogs and cats: pound versus purpose-bred animals -- Editorial responsibilities and issues -- Looking ahead -- Animals used in experimentation, FY 1973-1990 -- Funding sources for targeted programs to promote alternatives -- Sunshine laws.
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