Is "Enough!" too much? Editors split on anti-drug coupons

TitleIs "Enough!" too much? Editors split on anti-drug coupons
Publication TypeCase Study
Year of Publication1990
AuthorsKredens, J
PublisherIndiana University School of Journalism
Publication Languageeng
AbstractIn West Virginia, many newspaperrs are publishing "Enough!" coupons in each issue. Readers can fill out these coupons with the names of suspected drug dealers and users and return them to state police. Editors of newspapers in West Virginia were divided over this campaign, many feeling that it was inappropriate for newspapers to be both a watchdog and a participant in law enforcement. Others worried about the potential abuse of the program.
NotesFineLine: The Newsletter On Journalism Ethics, vol. 2, no. 6 (September 1990), p. 8.
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