The animal ethics reader

TitleThe animal ethics reader
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsArmstrong, SJ, Botzler, RG
Edition1st ed.
Paginationxx, 588 p.
Place PublishedLondon
Publication Languageeng
ISBN Number9780415275880
Accession Number51818774
KeywordsANIMAL , Animal rights. , Animal welfare -- Moral and ethical aspects. , Bio-ethiek. , Rechten , Rechten van het dier.
AbstractThis large anthology seeks to bring together a number of key essays on the moral status of animals. The book is divided into ten distinct sections, and the essays cover such issues as theories of animal ethics, animal capacities (such as pain, emotion, consciousness), animals for food, animal experimentation, zoos and aquariums, and animal law and animal activism.
NotesRoutledge26 cm.General introduction : animal ethics : a sketch of how it developed and where it is now. Theories of animal ethics. The case for animal rights / Tom Regan -- Reply to Tom Regan / Carl Cohen -- For an expanded theory of human rights / Paola Cavalieri -- Practical ethics / Peter Singer -- Animal rights and feminist theory / Josephine Donovan -- Rights, interests, desires and beliefs / R.G. Frey -- Equal consideration and unequal moral status / David DeGrazia -- Annotated further reading -- Study questions. Animal capacities : pain, emotion, consciousness. Methods of study. Scientific ideology, anthropomorphism, anecdote, and ethics / Bernard E. Rollin ; Reflections / Barbara Smuts -- Pain. The myth of animal suffering / Bob Bermond ; Animal pain / Bernard E. Rollin ; How facts matter / Gary Varner -- Animal emotions. Animal minds and animal emotions / Marian Stamp Dawkins ; A passionate devotion / Cynthia Moss ; The rat will play / Jaak Panksepp ; Love was once a little boy / D.H. Lawrence -- Consciousness and cognition. Animals minds : beyond cognition to consciousness / Donald R. Griffin -- Annotated further reading -- Study questions. Primates and cetaceans. Primates. Deep ethology, animal rights, and the great ape/animal project : resisting speciesism and expanding the community of equals / Marc Bekoff ; Ape consciousness, human consciousness : a perspective informed by language and culture / Sue Savage-Rumbaugh, William M. Fields, and Jared Taglialatela ; Cultures in chimpanzees / A. Whiten ... [et al.] ; Are apes persons? : the case for primate intersubjectivity / Juan Carlos Gomez ; The chimpanzee at Stanford / Fran Peavey ; Problems faced by wild and captive chimpanzees : finding solutions / Jane Goodall -- Cetaceans. Culture in whales and dolphins / Luke Rendell and Hal Whitehead ; Exploring the cognitive world of the bottlenosed dolphin / Louis M. Herman ; Is a dolphin a person? / Mary Midgley -- Annotated further reading -- Study questions. Animals for food. Animals for food. Meat-eating / David DeGrazia ; Thinking like animals / Temple Grandin ; A major change / Temple Grandin ; Animal agriculture : myths and facts / Animal Agriculture Alliance ; Lives of quiet desperation / Fran
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