Exposing failures, unsettling accommodations: tensions in interview practice

TitleExposing failures, unsettling accommodations: tensions in interview practice
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsSinding, C, Aronson, J
JournalQualitative Research
Pagination 95-117
Publication Languageeng
ISSN Number1468-7941
Accession Number03f0607Y-276
KeywordsCultural Ethnography , ethics , General , HEALTH , Informant-researcher relationship , Interviews , Methods in social sciences , power
AbstractThis article discusses the ethical issues raised, including the power differential that exists between researchers and human participants, in interviews. The aim of this article is to augment collective understandings of the ethical complexities of qualitative research, and to encourage more attention to the actual practices of interviewing than has usually been paid in discussions in this area. Drawing on interview transcripts, the authors offer an analysis of the ways vulnerability may be produced for research participants by the intersection of interview factors (an interview strategy, the interviewer’s presence, a line of questioning) with particular discursive and political surrounds. This conceptualization of the conditions of interviewee vulnerability prompts a revisioning of the power that researchers bring to, and exercise in, interviews.
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