Science vs. Indian tradition in 'Kennewick Man' case

TitleScience vs. Indian tradition in 'Kennewick Man' case
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsKnickerbocker, B
JournalChristian Science Monitor
Type of ArticleArticle
Publication Languageeng
ISBN Number08827729
Accession Number4643652
KeywordsARCHAEOLOGY , HUMAN remains (Archaeology) , MORAL & ethical aspects
AbstractFocuses on the controversy surrounding the ancient remains of a human being, called 'Kennewick Man,' belief of scientists that they should be allowed to examine the skeleton, and views of Native Americans that the skeleton should be turned over to tribes for burial.
NotesKnickerbocker, Brad; Source Info: 6/21/2001, Vol. 93 Issue 145, p2; Subject Term: HUMAN remains (Archaeology); Subject Term: ARCHAEOLOGY; Subject Term: MORAL & ethical aspects; Number of Pages: 0p; Illustrations: 1 color; Document Type: Article; Full Text Word Count: 940
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