Taking sides. Clashing views on controversial issues in anthropology

TitleTaking sides. Clashing views on controversial issues in anthropology
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsEndicott, KWRLM
Edition4th ed.
Place PublishedDubuque, IA
Publication Languageeng
ISBN Number9780073515229
Accession Number57470048
Call NumberLC: GN25; Dewey: 306
KeywordsAnthropologie -- Aspect moral. , Anthropologie physique. , Anthropologie. , Anthropology -- Moral and ethical aspects. , Anthropology. , Archéologie. , Controversen. , Culturele antropologie. , Ethnologie.
AbstractThis book is meant to be an introduction for undergraduate students to some of the main ethical issues faced by practicing anthropologists.
Notesill. ; 24 cm.Is race a useful concept for anthropologists? -- Are humans inherently violent? -- Did Neanderthals interbreed with modern humans? -- Did people first arrive in the new world after the last ice age? -- Was there a goddess cult in prehistoric Europe? -- Did prehistoric Native Americans practice cannibalism in the American Southwest? -- Can apes learn language? -- Does language determine how we think? -- Should cultural anthropology model itself on the natural sciences? -- Was Margaret Mead's fieldwork on Samoan adolescents fundamentally flawed? -- Do native peoples today invent their traditions? -- Is it natural for adopted children to want to find out about their birth parents? -- Are San hunter-gatherers basically pastoralists who have lost their herds? -- Do some illnesses exist only among members of a particular culture? -- Is ethnic conflict inevitable? -- Should the remains of prehistoric Native Americans be reburied rather than studied? -- Did Napoleon Chagnon's research methods and publications harm the Yanomami Indians? -- Do museums misrepresent ethnic communities around the world?Includes bibliographical references and index.Clashing views on controversial issues in anthropologyselected, edited, and with introductions by Kirk M. Endicott and Robert L. Welsch.Book
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