The SAGE handbook of qualitative research

TitleThe SAGE handbook of qualitative research
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2005
PublisherSage Publications
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KeywordsCiências sociais (pesquisa) , Kwalitatieve methoden. , Metodologia da pesquisa. , Pesquisa qualitativa. , Qualitative Research , Recherche qualitative , Sciences sociales , Sciences sociales -- Recherche. , Sociaal-wetenschappelijk onderzoek. , Social sciences -- Research.
AbstractThis volume includes a large range of essays looking at the theory, practice, and ethical issues involved in qualitative in the social sciences. It covers issues such as working with community members in collaborative research, dealing with Institutional Review Boards, dealing with neo-colonial history of the social sciences and researchers obligations to native communities.
Notes3rd ed.ill. ; 26 cm.1. Introduction: the discipline and practice of qualitative research / Norman K. Denzin and Yvonna S. Lincoln -- pt. I. Locating the field. 2. Reform of the social sciences and of universities through action research / Davydd J. Greenwood and Morten Levin -- 3. Compositional studies, in two parts: critical theorizing and analysis on social (in)justice / Michelle Fine and Lois Weis -- 4. On tricky ground: researching the native in the age of uncertainty / Linda Tuhiwai Smith -- 5. Freeing ourselves from neocolonial domination in research: a Kaupapa Mäori approach to creating knowledge / Russell Bishop -- 6. Ethics and politics in qualitative research / Clifford G. Christians -- 7. Institutional Review Boards and methodological conservatism: the challenge to and from phenomenological paradigms / Yvonna S. Lincoln -- pt. II. Paradigms and perspectives in contention. 8. Paradigmatic controversies, contradictions, and emerging confluences / Egon G. Guba and Yvonna S. Lincoln -- 9. Critical ethnography: the politics of collaboration / Douglas Foley and Angela Valenzuela -- 10. Early millennial feminist qualitative research: challenges and contours / Virginia Olesen -- 11. The moral activist role of critical race theory scholarship / Gloria Ladson-Billings and Jamel Donnor -- 12. Rethinking critical theory and qualitative research / Joe L. Kincheloe and Peter McLaren -- 13. Methodologies for cultural studies: an integrative approach / Paula Saukko -- 14. Critical humanism and queer theory: living with the tensions / Ken Plummer -- pt. III. Strategies of inquiry. 15. The practice and politics of funded qualitative research / Julianne Cheek -- 16. Performance ethnography: the reenacting and inciting of culture / Bryant Keith Alexander -- 17. Qualitative case studies / Robert E. Stake -- 18. The observation of participation and the emergence of public ethnography / Barbara Tedlock -- 19. Interpretive practice and social action / James A. Holstein and Jaber F. Gubrium -- 20. Grounded theory in the 21st century: applications for advancing social justice studies / Kathy Charmaz -- 21. Critical ethnography as street performance: reflections of home, race, murder and justice / D. Soyini Madison -- 22. Testimonio, subalternity, and narrative authority / John Beverley -- 23. Participatory action research: communicative action and the public sphere / Stephen Kemmis and Robin McTaggart -- 24. Clinical research / William L. Miller and Benjamin F. Crabtree.; pt. IV. Methods of collecting and analyzing empirical materials. 25. Narrative inquiry: multiple lenses, approaches, voices / Susan E. Chase -- 26. Arts-based inquiry: performing revolutionary pedagogy / Susan Finley -- 27. The interview: from neutral stance to political involvement / Andrea Fontana and James H. Frey -- 28. Recontextualizing observation: ethnography, pedagogy, and the prospects for a progressive political agenda / Michael V. Angrosino -- 29. What's new visually? / Douglas Harper -- 30. Autoethnography: making the personal political / Stacy Holman Jones -- 31. The methods, politics, and ethics of representation in online ethnography / Annette N. Markham -- 32. Analytic perspectives / Paul Atkinson and Sara Delamont -- 33. Foucault's methodologies: archeaology and genealogy / James Joseph Scheurich and Kathryn Bell McKenzie -- 34. Anayzing talk and text / Anssi Peräkylä -- 35. Focus groups: strategic articulations of pedagogy, politics, and inquiry / George Kamberelis and Greg Dimitriadis -- pt. V. The art and practices of interpretation, evaluation, and presentation. 36. Relativism, criteria, and politics / John K. Smith and Phil Hodkinson -- 37. Emancipatory discourses and the ethics and politics of interpretation / Norman K. Denzin -- 38. Writing: a method of inquiry / Laurel Richardson and Elizabeth Adams St. Pierre -- 39. Poetics for a planet: discourse on some problems of being-in-place / Ivan Brady -- 40. Cultural poesis: the generativity of emergent things / Kathleen Stewart -- 41. "Aria in time of war": investigative poetry and the politics of witnessing / Stephen J. Hartnett and Jeremy D. Engels -- 42. Qualitative evaluation and changing social policy / Ernest R. House -- pt. VI. The future of qualitative research. 43. Afterthought: On writing ; On Writing sociology / Zygmunt Bauman -- 44. Refunctioning ethnography: the challenge of an anthropology of the contemporary / Douglas R. Holmes and George E. Marcus -- Epilogue: The eighth and ninth moments: qualitative research in/and the fractured future / Yvonna S. Lincoln and Norman K. Denzin.Publisher description biographical information ed. of: Handbook of qualitative research. 2nd ed. c2000./ Includes bibliographical references and indexes.Handbook of qualitative research; Handbook of qualitative research.edited by Norman K. Denzin, Yvonna S. Lincoln. More Records: Show record informationInternet resource (url)Book; Internet Resource Date of Entry: 20041101
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