Social, ethical, and policy implications of information technology

TitleSocial, ethical, and policy implications of information technology
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsBrennan, LJVL
PublisherInformation Science Pub.
Publication Languageeng
ISBN Number9781591401681
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KeywordsCommunication of technical information. , Computer scientists. , Copyright -- United States. , Derechos de autor -- Estados Unidos. , Droit d'auteur -- États-Unis. , Informaticiens. , Information science -- Moral and ethical aspects. , Information society. , Information technique. , Information technology -- Government policy -- United States. , Information technology -- Social aspects. , Sciences de l'information -- Aspect moral. , Société informatisée. , Technologie de l'information -- Aspect social. , Technologie de l'information -- Politique gouvernementale -- États-Unis.
AbstractThis book seeks to help computer science and information management students comprehend the ethical ethicals inherent in their chosen field. The essays in this book focus on the human impact of information systems, including ethical challenges, social implications, legal issues, and unintended costs and consequences.
Notes27 cm.Section I. Social implications. Global perspectives on the information society / William J. McIver, Jr. ; Digital divides: their social and ethical implications / Emma Rooksby, John Weckert ; The perils of access and immediacy: unintended consequences of information technology / Linda L. Brennan ; What, me, worry? The empowerment of employees / Marsha Cook Woodbury ; Managing workplace privacy responsibly / Richard A. Spinello, John Gallaugher, Sandra Waddock ; Virtual harms and real responsibility / Chuck Huff, Deborah G. Johnson, Keith W. Miller -- Ethical implications. Ethical challenges for information systems professionals / Gerald M. Hoffman ; Living within glass houses: coping with organizational transparency / Victoria E. Johnson ; Ethical challenges of information systems: the carnage of outsourcing and other technology-enabled organizational imperatives / David Wiencek ; A contrarian's view: new wine in old bottles, new economy and old ethics-can it work? / Marianne M. Jennings -- Policy implications. Liability for system and data quality / Robert D. Sprague ; Software engineering as a profession: a moral case for licensure / J. Carl Ficarrotta ; Copyright law in the digital age / Jordan M. Blanke ; 'Digital orphans': technology's wayward children / Mark Kieler, Michael J. West ; Compliance with data management laws / Jack S. Cook, Laura L. Cook -- Further implications. The central problem in cyber ethics and how stories can be used to address it / John M. Artz.Includes bibliographical references and index.[edited by] Linda L. Brennan, Victoria E. Johnson. More Records: Show record informationInternet resource (url)Book; Internet Resource Date of Entry: 20030630
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