A Real Case Involving the Protection of Confidential Data

TitleA Real Case Involving the Protection of Confidential Data
Publication TypeCase Study
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsAmerican Sociological Association,
PublisherAmerican Sociological Association
AbstractA graduate student of sociology is working on the development of radical social movements and works closely with members of an animal rights group as part of his graduate work. He asks a former research participant to house-sit for him while he is away on vacation, and during this time, a number of animal research facilities are vandalized. The graduate student knows that the house-sitter and many individuals he knows through his work with members of the animal rights group were involved, but he refuses to talk with the authorities about conversations he has had with them, citing the American Sociological Association. He is jailed for over four months under a contempt order because of this. Was the graduate student correct in protecting the confidentiality of his research participants, even if it meant breaking the law? Includes expert testimony.
OEC Unique IdentifierAmerican Sociological Association, Teaching Ethics Throughout the Curriculum
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