Proper Credit

TitleProper Credit
Publication TypeCase Study
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsAmerican Sociological Association,
PublisherAmerican Sociological Association
AbstractNancy Singh, a professor at a prestigious university, finally gets the manuscript to a book based on a conference she has been working on accepted by a publisher. Over the few years she has been working on this, her co-editor has not contributed anything to the manuscript, and not even responded to her calls for assistance. When the book is about to be published, the co-editor contacts the editor and claims that she should be first author on the book. She also finds out that her delinquent co-author is claiming this book as a publication, and using it as the basis for requesting a promotion at the university. What should Nancy Singh do? Includes expert commentary.
OEC Unique IdentifierAmerican Sociological Association, Teaching Ethics Throughout the Curriculum
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