Definition of Plagiarism: Phrasing

TitleDefinition of Plagiarism: Phrasing
Publication TypeCase Study
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsAmerican Sociological Association,
PublisherAmerican Sociological Association
AbstractJennifer Lazarus has received her first invitation to review a book, and decides to select a review written by Donald Harrold to use as a model for her first review. Shortly after her review is published, Professor Harrold notifies the editor of the journal where her review was published, and claims that it was plagiarized. The review does contain three sentences and twelve phrases that are identical to Harrold's review, but the two reviews are on two entirely different subjects, so the charge of plagiarism is based on phrasing, not substantive ideas. How should the editor handing this allegation? Includes expert commentary
OEC Unique IdentifierAmerican Sociological Association, Teaching Ethics Throughout the Curriculum
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