Misuse of Data

TitleMisuse of Data
Publication TypeCase Study
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsAmerican Sociological Association,
PublisherAmerican Sociological Association
Keywordsand , Expertise , Misuse , of , Representation
AbstractDr. Elizabeth Johnson heads a public policy institute that just won a state contract to evaluate new state welfare initiatives. Her institute conducts an initial survey that shows now reduction in the number of welfare recipients and suggest some unexpected and dysfunctional aspects of specific parts of the experiment. In response to these finding, the director of the state Health and Human Services withdraws the research contract. What should Dr. Johnson do in regard to informing the public about these initial findings, as well as her colleagues who also might be asked to do the evaluation? Includes expert commentary.
OEC Unique IdentifierAmerican Sociological Association, Teaching Ethics Throughout the Curriculum