Leaders Mentoring Leaders: Unveiling a Role Identity in an International Online Environment

TitleLeaders Mentoring Leaders: Unveiling a Role Identity in an International Online Environment
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsBoyer, NR
JournalMentoring & Tutoring : Partnership in Learning
Date Published04/2003
ISSN Number1361-1267
AbstractThe changing landscape of learning in graduate leadership programs has given way to the potential of online development programs. Currently, a lack of research exists that describes the role of the online leader, particularly in academic programs that utilize mentors as well. Identification and exploration of the leadership role in an online environment given the structural elements of mentorship and academic coursework, then becomes the context of this article. A case study using a systems framework of input-process-output=output was conducted to investigate a program of international collaboration, networking and mentoring relationships that attempted to unite leaders to prepare schools for globalization. What developed within the overall design was the identification of three levels of leaders that were involved in this program: Student (participant) leaders, process leaders, and instructor leaders that struggled to define identity roles within the virtual realm. A clear need for purpose, identification and role clarity to scaffold the virtual experience and fortify the mentoring process surfaced from the experi ences within this case. Further research and development will be needed to successfully design programs for leaders that will meet practical, relevant needs while establishing engaging, collaborative, interdependent relationships to affect the local environment and satisfy the necessary academic criteria.
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