Peace engineering : when personal values and engineering careers converge

TitlePeace engineering : when personal values and engineering careers converge
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsVesilind, AP
Paginationxii, 143 p.
PublisherLakeshore Press
Place PublishedWoodsville, NH
Publication Languageeng
ISBN NumberISBN: 0965053954; 978096
Accession Number64201951
Keywords-- , Congresses. , Congresses.; , ENGINEERING , ENGINEERS , ethics , Peace , professional
AbstractWhile engineering has historically provided tools necessary for defending our country and freedom throughout the world, is it also possible that engineers have a central role in the promotion of peace -- a peace that might make such war unnecessary? That is, can engineers use their education and skills to proactively encourage peace in our world – to practice peace engineering? Is the accumulation of technical skill enough for engineers to be effective in practicing peace engineering, or do they need social, political, communication, ethical, and legal skills as well? How can engineering educators respond to the challenges of preparing engineers to practice peace engineering? Finally, what opportunities are there for engineers wanting to work proactively in the promotion of peace? This book is a compilation of papers devoted to defining and promoting peace engineering, originating at a conference held at Bucknell University.
Notesill. ; 23 cm.The evolution of peace engineering / P. Aarne Vesilind -- Building a proactive, pro-peace culture in engineering / Robert B. Textor -- The morality of weapons research / John Forge -- Just engineering : peace, justice and sustainability / Daniel A. Vallero -- Engineering and the threat of terrorism / P. Aarne Vesilind -- Working for peace in international emergencies : the varied roles of engineers and engineering / Dennis B. Warner -- Military engineering education : to promote peace, not war / Joe D. Manous, Jr. -- Working for peace in the Peace Corps / Theresa Good -- Engineers working for peace through international development / Regina Clewlow -- University life and peace engineering / P. Aarne Vesilind.Selection of papers presented at a symposium entitled "Engineers Working for Peace," held Nov. 2003 at Bucknell University./ Includes bibliographical references.edited by P. Aarne Vesilind.Book
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