Whistleblowing : ethical and legal issues in expressing dissent

TitleWhistleblowing : ethical and legal issues in expressing dissent
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1986
AuthorsPetersen, JC, Farrell, D
Series TitleCSEP module series in applied ethics;
Paginationiii, 31 p.
PublisherKendall/Hunt Pub. Co.
Place PublishedDubuque, Iowa
Publication Languageeng
ISBN Number0840339453
Accession Number15722484
Keywordsblowing. , ENGINEERING , WHISTLE , whistleblowing
AbstractThis module discusses the history of whistleblowing and some of the ethical ethical dilemmas faced by whistleblowers, including the conflicting values of loyalty to one’s employer and protecting the public good, clashes between professional judgment and organizational authority, and the legal aspects of whistleblowing. It also includes a summary of the Browns Ferry Case (Weil, 1977) and discussion questions. Includes annotated bibliography of related materials.
Notes23 cm.Bibliography: p. 28-31.James C. Petersen and Dan Farrell. More Records: Show record informationBook
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