Codes of conduct : behavioral research into business ethics

TitleCodes of conduct : behavioral research into business ethics
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1996
AuthorsMessick, DTAME
Paginationix, 409 p.
PublisherRussell Sage Foundation
Place PublishedNew York
Publication Languageeng
ISBN Number0871545942
Accession Number35184037
Keywords-- , business , Congresses , Congresses.; , Corporate , Culture , ethics
AbstractCodes of Conduct probes the psychological and social processes by which companies and their managers respond to a wide array of ethical dilemmas, from risk and safety management to the treatment of employees. What leads companies to ignore safety problems with their products? How do individual employees become part of company wrongdoing? How do negative stereotypes affect hiring and promotion? Contributors to this volume employ a wide range of case studies to illustrate the effects of social influence and group persuasion, organizational authority and communication, fragmented responsibility, and the process of rationalization.
Notesill. ; 24 cm.Introduction. Behavioral research into business ethics / David M. Messick and Ann E. Tenbrunsel -- How organizations socialize individuals into evildoing / John M. Darley -- Social influence and the triple tumor structure of organizational dishonesty / Robert B. Cialdini -- Ethical cognition and the framing of organizational dilemmas : decision makers as intuitive lawyers / Roderick M. Kramer and David M. Messick -- Can socially responsible firms survive in a competitive environment? / Robert H. Frank -- Beyond the hidden self : psychological and ethical aspects of privacy in organizations / Robert J. Bies -- Judge not, lest-- : the ethics of power holders' decision making and standards for social judgment / Stephanie A. Goodwin and Susan T. Fiske -- Social categories and decision making : how much differentiation do we need? / Myron Rothbart and Robert Mauro -- In-group favoritism : the subtle side of intergroup discrimination / Marilynn B. Brewer -- Managing work force diversity : ethical concerns and intergroup relations / Tom R. Tyler and Maura A. Belliveau -- Commentary. The business ethics of social and organizational processes / Thomas Donaldson -- Do no harm / Jonathan Baron -- Behavioral decision theory and business ethics : skewed trade-offs between self and other / George Loewenstein -- Responsibility judgments and the causal background / Ann L. McGill -- Ethics as hypothesis testing, and vice versa / Joshua Klayman -- Environmental degradation : exploring the rift between environmentally benign attitudes and environmentally destructive behaviors / Max H. Bazerman, Kimberly A. Wade-Benzoni, and Francisco J. Benzoni -- The "public" versus the "experts" : perceived versus actual disagreements about risks / Baruch Fischhoff -- Incremental validity, expertise, and ethics / Robyn M. Dawes -- Ethical dilemmas in risk communication / Helmut Jungermann -- The ethics of not spending money on safety / Willem A. Wagenaar -- Commentary. The business ethics of risk, reasoning, and decision making / Patricia H. Werhane -- Summary. The psychology of business ethics / Russell Hardin.Papers presented at a conference held at Northwestern University in the summer of 1994./ Includes bibliographical references and index.David M. Messick and Ann E. Tenbrunsel, editors. More Records: Show record informationBook
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