Morals, science, and sociality

TitleMorals, science, and sociality
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1978
AuthorsEngelhardt, TH, Daniel, C
Series TitleThe Foundations of ethics and its relationship to science
Issuev. 3
Paginationx, 339 p.
PublisherHastings Center, Institute of Society, Ethics, and the Life Sciences
Place PublishedHastings-on-Hudson, N.Y.
Publication Languageeng
ISBN Number0916558037
Accession Number4135661
Keywords-- , and , Aspect , aspects.; , ethical , ethics.; , Moral , moral.; , Morals.; , SCIENCE , Science. , sciences
AbstractThis volume of essays by significant authorities in the field of professional ethics and the philosophy of science explores the moral roots of science, the foundations of ethics,as well as an exploration of national selection and evolution of social laws, and their relation to the scientific roots of ethics and science.
Notes23 cm.Introduction : morals, science and sociality / H. Tristram Engelhardt -- Objectivity in morality and objectivity in science / Alasdair MacIntyre -- The moral psychology of science / Stephen Toulmin -- Commentary : response to Stephen Toulmin / Gunther S. Stent -- The origins of psychoanalysis revisited : reflections and consequences / Steven Marcus -- Reconciling Freud's scientific project and psychoanalysis / Joseph Margolis -- Attitudes toward eugenics in Germany and Soviet Russia in the 1920s : an examination of science and values / Loren R. Graham -- Commentary : science and values- internal and external relations : response to Loren Graham / Kenneth F. Schaffner -- Moral autonomy / Gerald Dworkin -- The rights of persons in Plato's conception of the foundations of justice / Gregory Vlastos -- Commentary : moral autonomy and the polis : response to Gerald Dworkin and Gregory Vlastos / H. Tristram Engelhardt -- Self-conflict in ethical decisions / Eric Cassell -- Commentary : response to Eric Cassell / Paul Ramsey. Natural selection and societal laws / Richard D. Alexander -- Commentary : Sociobiology and evolving leagay systems : Response to Richard D. Alexander / Kenneth F. Schaffner -- Commentary : rejoinder to Kenneth Schaffner / Richard D. Alexander -- Science, ethics and the impersonal passions / Robert C. Solomon -- A concluding interdisciplinary postscript / H. Tristram Englehardt.Includes bibliographical references and index.edited by H. Tristram Engelhardt, Jr., and Daniel Callahan.
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