Responsible Use of Statistical Methods

TitleResponsible Use of Statistical Methods
Publication TypeTeaching Module
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsNelson, L, Proctor, C, Brownie, C
Date Published4/2000
PublisherNorth Carolina State University at Raleigh
AbstractResponsible Use of Statistical Methods focuses on good statistical practices. In the Introduction we distinguish between two types of activities; one, those involving the study design and protocol (a priori) and two, those actions taken with the results (post hoc.) The authors note that right practice is right ethics, the distinction between a mistake and misconduct and emphasize the importance of how the central hypothesis is stated. The Central Essay, Identification of Outliers in a Set of Precision Agriculture Experimental Data by Larry A. Nelson, Charles H. Proctor and Cavell Brownie, is a good paper to study. The Applied Ethics section focuses on objectivity and trustworthiness; we note that the misuse of statistics may be more widespread than misconduct. The tutorial has two Central Theme sections; 1) on setting up statistically rigorous hypothesis, and 2) on statistics and data management.
NotesAccessed through the Ethics in Science and Engineering National Clearinghouse.
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