Whistleblowing - Data Management (RCR Role Plays)

TitleWhistleblowing - Data Management (RCR Role Plays)
Publication TypeCase Study
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsLoui, MC, Gunsalus, CK
PublisherNational Academy of Engineering, Online Ethics Center
AbstractThis is one of a series of nine scenarios developed by Michael Loui and C. K. Gunsalus, which asks students to act out a case study looking at the ethical issues raised the responsible handling of research data. This file, in pdf format, includes instructions for use and discussion guidelines, general principles that apply to data management, a summary, resources, and handouts to be given to various participants. In the case study with focuses on a discussion between an faculty advisor and a graduate student, the student explains why he has been so slow in trying to reproduce experimental results obtained by a post-doc that have been published and attracted attention from the scientific community. He has repeatedly been unsuccessful, and kept detailed records of all of his research data, and now believes that the post-doc may have made up his results. How should he bring this problem up with his advisor?
OEC Unique Identifier21542