Getting Consent to do Research on Institutionalized Children

TitleGetting Consent to do Research on Institutionalized Children
Publication TypeCase Study
Year of Publication1996
AuthorsAnderson, EE
PublisherLawrence Erlbaum
Keywords(children , adolescents) , Analysis; , and , design , Human , Human Research Subjects , Informed , Informed Consent , Institutionalized , Minors , populations; , PSYCHOLOGY , Risk-Benefit , Study , Vulnerable , Vulnerable Populations
AbstractInvestigators studying the neurological correlates of AIDS in infected children evaluate the risks and benefits to institutionalized child participants
NotesBased on a case in Kimberly Hoagwood, Peter S. Jensen, and Celia B. Fisher, Ethical Issues in Mental Health Research with Children and Adolescents, Lawrence Erlbaum, 1996
OEC Unique IdentifierEthics in Mental Health Research, Case Studies
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