Engineers and Management: The Challenge of the Challenger Incident

TitleEngineers and Management: The Challenge of the Challenger Incident
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1991
AuthorsWerhane, PHogue
JournalJournal of Business Ethics
Publication Languageeng
ISBN Number01674544
Accession Number5404073
Keywords& , (Spacecraft) , -- , Accidents; , Admin , Aeronautics , Behavior; , Challenger , Corporate , culture; , DECISION , INDUSTRIAL , INTERORGANIZATIONAL , making; , MALPRACTICE; , Management; , National , organization; , Organizational , Relations; , Space , States. , structure; , United
AbstractThe author argues that in the Challenger explosion case, organizational structure, corporate culture, engineering and managerial habits, and role responsibilities precipitated events contributing to the Challenger disaster. At the same tine, a number of individuals at Morton Thiokol and NASA were responsible for the launch failure. Differing world views, conflicting priorities of the engineers and managers on this project, and the failure of either engineers or management to take personal moral responsibility for decision-making contributed significantly to the event.
NotesWerhane, Patricia H. 1; Affiliations: 1: Wirtenberger Professor of Business Ethics, Loyola University of Chicago.; Issue Info: Aug91, Vol. 10 Issue 8, p605; Thesaurus Term: ORGANIZATIONAL behavior; Thesaurus Term: MALPRACTICE; Thesaurus Term: INTERORGANIZATIONAL relations; Thesaurus Term: MANAGEMENT; Thesaurus Term: CORPORATE culture; Thesaurus Term: ORGANIZATIONAL structure; Thesaurus Term: DECISION making; Thesaurus Term: INDUSTRIAL organization; Subject Term: CHALLENGER (Spacecraft) -- Accidents; Subject Term: UNITED States. National Aeronautics & Space Administration; Subject Term: MORAL & ethical aspects; Subject Term: ENGINEERS; Subject: UNITED States ; Company/Entity: CHALLENGER (Spacecraft) -- Accidents ; Company/Entity: UNITED States. National Aeronautics & Space Administration; NAICS/Industry Codes: 927110 Space Research and Technology; Number of Pages: 12p; Document Type: Article
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