Who is an Author?

TitleWho is an Author?
Publication TypeCase Study
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsSchrag, B
PublisherAssociation of Practical and Professional Ethics
AbstractUsing the same data for multiple papers • Using papers with preliminary findings. Brief summary: Jacobs is a Ph.D. student who does a six-month internship with Dr. Frank. She writes a paper reflecting some important findings and uses the ICMJE guidelines for listing the authors. After Dr. Frank reviews the paper he adds other members from the lab that did not work closely on the project as authors. He believes that the idea of a scientist acting as an independent entity is an outdated concept and that those who work around a scientist contribute significantly, helping him or her to function.
NotesThis case is adapted, with permission, from: "When in Rome: Conventions in Assignment of Authorship" Research Ethics: Cases and Commentaries. Volume 2, Section 1, Authorship. Brian Schrag, ed. Association for Practical and Professional Ethics Bloomington, Indiana, February, 1998.
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