The Statute of Limitations

TitleThe Statute of Limitations
Publication TypeCase Study
Year of Publication1997
AuthorsSchrag, B
PublisherAssociation of Practical and Professional Ethics
AbstractA professor presents her work on the genetic structure of plants at a brown bag seminar. Her work has generated many ideas, and she does not have time to pursue them all. A graduate student, who is not her advisee, approaches her about collaborating on one of them, and she declines, wanting to save it for one of her own students. A year later, the student approaches her again, and she once again declines. With the support of his advisor, who says the idea is now in the public domain, the graduate student decides to go ahead, promising to give the professor full credit for her ideas. She is outraged.
NotesUsed with permission of Association for Practical and Professional Ethics. Case drawn from Research Ethics: Fifteen Cases and Commentaries, Volume One, Brian Schrag, Ed., February 1997.
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