RCR Objectives: A Delphi Study

TitleRCR Objectives: A Delphi Study
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsDuBois, JM, Mader, H, Dueker, JM
PublisherUnited States, Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Research Integrity
AbstractIn 2006, James Dubois, Ph.D.  of St. Louis University received an award through to RCR Resource Development Program to develop a list of educational objectives for RCR. A Delphi study was performed using experienced RCR educators, administrators, and researchers to develop objectives in 7 of the 9 RCR core areas.  The RCR teaching objectives derived from the study are provide instructors with a framework and guide for teaching elements of RCR that were deemed as important key factors.The results of the study were published in the Journal of Research Administration in 2009. This page includes supplementary pages to the published article.