Education for Integrity : Teaching on Anti-Corruption Values and the Rule of Law

TitleEducation for Integrity : Teaching on Anti-Corruption Values and the Rule of Law
Publication TypeTeaching Module
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsDevelopment, Ofor Econom
Date Published2018
PublisherOrganization for Economic Cooperation and Development
AbstractDrawing on country experiences, this resource book provides policy makers and educators concrete tools to educate for public integrity. Section 1 and 2 provide suggestions on how to design and implement education for public integrity. Tips for educators new to managing interactive groups are also included in Section 2. Section 3 contains sample lesson plans and tasks on public integrity from a range of countries. These are accompanied by resources for extracurricular activities. Section 4 highlights case studies from several OECD countries, with insights on how they have implemented education for public integrity. A few illustrative examples of technological approaches to educating for public integrity are also included. These materials and resources aim to provide a reference for policy makers and educators interested in developing their own lesson plans and tasks. Although some of the contexts may not be relevant and the materials could be inappropriate if used as they are, they may be adapted or used as a springboard for new ideas.