Plagiarism and Group Work

TitlePlagiarism and Group Work
Publication TypeCase Study
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsFoundation, AOT, American Occupational Therapy Association,
PublisherAmerican Occupational Therapy Foundation; American Occupational Therapy Association
AbstractTwo students work together on their master’s research proposal, but divide the work up instead of jointly writing the paper. They put their two different sections together and then edit the paper as a team. When the professor reads the finished paper, she notices that one of the sections is greatly plagiarized.
NotesThe curriculum may be altered or adapted as needed. Adapted materials should leave the title of the work intact and carry the citation “Adapted from the American Occupational Therapy Foundation & American Occupational Therapy Association’s Promoting Integrity in the Next Generation of Researchers: A Curriculum for Responsible Conduct of Research in Occupational Therapy (2005).”
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