LMTH 2103 Data, Design and Social Justice

TitleLMTH 2103 Data, Design and Social Justice
Publication TypeSyllabi
AuthorsWilson, J
PublisherThe New School
Year of Publication2017
Publication LanguageEnglish
AbstractThis class will explore how data visualization and analysis can be used to address issues of social justice. Our world is increasingly filled with data, and developing skills to make sense of it and communicate the results visually provide students with powerful tools to make their arguments more effective. We will employ a variety of techniques and perspectives drawing from the fields of statistics, cognitive science, perceptual psychology, coding, and information design. Looking at a series of case studies, we will discuss how to interpret quantitative analyses we encounter in the world as well as how to employ these skills for positive change in our world. This course counts towards the Subject Requirement for the Journalism + Design Major. This course also counts as an elective for the Media Studies track of the Culture and Media major.