The Moviegoer's Guide To The Future

TitleThe Moviegoer's Guide To The Future
Publication TypeSyllabi
AuthorsMaynard, A
PublisherArizona State University
Year of Publication2019
Date Published01/2019
AbstractThe Moviegoer’s Guide to The Future takes a hard look at how we might really mess up the future with science and technology, and how we can develop new technologies in ways that improve lives without causing harm — all through watching and discussing a bunch of kick-ass science fiction movies. By watching and exploring movies like Jurassic Park and Ghost in the Shell (the original Anime version, of course) we’ll be exploring technologies from genetic engineering and “de-extinction”, to human enhancement, nanotechnology, and artificial intelligence. But we’ll also be looking at the human side of technology innovation, from the ethics of cloning in movies like Never Let Me Go, and “pre-justice” in Minority Report, to the dangers of blind entrepreneurial ambition in movies like Ex Machina. And we’ll be examining some of the really big issues in science and society like climate change (with The Day After Tomorrow), and religion and belief (through Carl Sagan’s Contact). Using these and the rest of the 12 movies in the the course as a kicking-off point, we’ll dive into the increasing complex relationship between science, technology and society, and begin exploring how, through understanding this relationship better, we can help build a better technological future — for everyone.