Anti-Harassment, Discrimination, and Non-Fraternization Curriculum

TitleAnti-Harassment, Discrimination, and Non-Fraternization Curriculum
Publication TypeSyllabi
AuthorsHubenthal, M, Ladue, D, Snow, M
PublisherNational Science Foundation
Year of Publication2019
Date Published05/2019
Publication LanguageEnglish
AbstractIn support of the geoscience community’s attentiveness to developing a more inclusive culture that is resistant to harassment and discrimination, a collaborative effort to develop an anti-harassment curriculum, designed specifically for geoscience Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) sites, is underway. The curriculum engages students in the topic by exploring data collected as part of a relevant research project to illustrate that discrimination was not just a theoretical thing. Next, students' prior knowledge on the the topic is assessed through a game of pictionary. Concepts introduced during pictionary are then explored in more depth through group discussion to clarify and refine terminology accepting ideas from all participants but steering final revisions towards generally accepted vocabulary and to distinguish between behavior that is harassing or discriminating and non-harassing or discriminating behavior. Students then reflect on their learning while considering why an inclusive culture that is resistant to harassment and discrimination matters and identifies what their role is in its development. Finally, students apply their learning by either exploring several case studies (short version) or developing their own case studies (long version). 
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