Understanding of plagiarism among North-African university hospital doctors (UHDs): A pilot study

TitleUnderstanding of plagiarism among North-African university hospital doctors (UHDs): A pilot study
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsKhemiss, M, Berrezouga, L, Ben Khelifa, M, Masmoudi, T, Ben Saad, H
JournalAccountability in Research
Date PublishedMay-02-2020
ISSN Number0898-9621
AbstractNo previous North-African study has evaluated the UHDs understanding of plagiarism (UP). This descriptive study aimed to assess UP among Tunisian UHDs. UHDs were recruited via electronic mails sent to all the Tunisian UHDs through the national health networks and by convenience sampling via a questionnaire provided directly to some UHDs. The French survey, available from the Laval University website, includes 11 questions related to UP, with three-choice answers (yes/no/may be). One point was awarded for each correct answer. A total score lower than six corresponded to a low level of UP. 96 UHDs (69 females) responded to the survey either through emails (39.6%) or by filled in the paper (60.4%). The mean ±SD (95% confidence interval) score of UP was considered low at 5.4 ± 1.9 (5.0 to 5.8); 74% of the participants had a low UP. The UP score was significantly different between the categories of assistants and professors. Data comparison between subjective and objective assessments revealed that significant percentages of UHDs underestimated their low UP. This was more marked in the professors’ category. There was no significant correlation between the UP total score and the UHDs’ age or professional experience. To conclude, plagiarism is not well-known to North African UHDs.