Public Sector Data Analytics

TitlePublic Sector Data Analytics
Publication TypeCase Study
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsPrinceton University, Center on Human Values
PublisherPrinceton University, Center on Human Values
Place PublishedDialogues on AI and Ethics
AbstractThe town of New Leviathan has had a suffering economy and a surge in violent crime in the past few years. After the shooting of an unarmed high school student by a police officer, public tension is at an all time high. The mayor of the city manages to work out a plan with a management consulting firm who will  try and impliment a algorithmic, data-driven approach to reduce crime in the city and help reduce tensions between citizens and the police force for no fee. The project calls for the use of social network analysis and for the city to give the firm access to a large amount of data including criminal databases, court filings, licenses, and social media data. Though somewhat successful, when word about this project leaked the the public, a major scandal ensues.