Glad-Handing Below the Belt

TitleGlad-Handing Below the Belt
Publication TypeCase Study
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsSkipper, RB, Currie, R, Jones, C, Pease, H, McNichol, J
Date Published12/2018
PublisherAssociation for Practical and Professional Ethics
Publication LanguageEnglish
AbstractWhile at a packed concert, Conner is groped by a young attractive woman. After the concert, his friends joke about the incident. Although Conner had been feeling a bit violated and offended, his friends’ responses made him think that maybe his initial reaction was wrong and that sexual attention from an attractive woman should always be welcome.
NotesCase from the 2019 National Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl  Licensed undertheCreativeCommons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 InternationalLicense.To viewa copyofthislicense,visit nc-nd/4.0/.©2017 RobertSkipper,RobertA.Currie,CynthiaJones,HeatherPease,and Jane McNichol.