Dealing with Suspicions of Misconduct (Mega-Case)

TitleDealing with Suspicions of Misconduct (Mega-Case)
Publication TypeCase Study
Year of Publication1994
AuthorsKorenman, SG, Shipp, AC
PublisherAssociation of American Medical Colleges
KeywordsMEDICINE , Misconduct , NURSING
AbstractA nurse involved in recording data for a clinical trial becomes suspicious when he reads the published account of the study. After talking to the principle investigator, his suspicions grow. He takes some steps to blow the whistle, but is discouraged along the way and becomes doubtful that he is doing the right thing.
NotesUsed with permission of Association of American Medical Colleges. Case drawn from Teaching the Responsible Conduct of Research Through Case Study Approach: A Handbook for Instructors, Stanley G. Korenman and Allan C. Shipp, Eds., 1994.
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