Animals in Research

TitleAnimals in Research
Publication TypeCase Study
Year of Publication1994
AuthorsKorenman, SG, Shipp, AC
PublisherUniversity of Minnesota, Office of the Vice President for Research
KeywordsAnimal Research Subjects , BIOLOGY , MEDICINE
AbstractEdith Jones sits on the Committee for the Protection of Animals in Research at her university, and must make recommendations on a research proposal that proposes to infect the dominant male of a free-ranging chimpanzee colony with HIV and test the effectiveness of an HIV vaccine by seeing the half of the female chimpanzee population who received the vaccine becomes infected.
NotesUsed with permission of Association of American Medical Colleges. Case drawn from Teaching the Responsible Conduct of Research Through Case Study Approach: A Handbook for Instructors, Stanley G. Korenman and Allan C. Shipp, Eds., 1994.
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