Perspectives on Big Data, Ethics, and Society

TitlePerspectives on Big Data, Ethics, and Society
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsMetcalf, J, Keller, EF, boyd, danah
Pagination23 p.
PublisherCouncil for Big Data, Ethics And Society
AbstractThe Council for Big Data, Ethics, and Society publishes a comprehensive white paper consolidating conversations and ideas from two years of meetings and discussions. The Council’s findings, outputs, and recommendations—including those described in this white paper as well as those in earlier reports—address concrete manifestations of these disjunctions between big data research methods and existing research ethics paradigms. They have identified policy changes that would encourage greater engagement and reflection on ethics topics. They have indicated a number of pedagogical needs for data science instructors, and endeavored to fulfill some of them. They have also explored cultural and institutional barriers to collaboration between ethicists, social scientists, and data scientists in academia and industry around ethics challenges. Overall, their recommendations are geared toward those who are invested in a future for data science, big data analytics, and artificial intelligence guided by ethical considerations along with technical merit.