CITI Course in the Responsible Conduct of Research

TitleCITI Course in the Responsible Conduct of Research
Publication TypeOnline Tutorial
Year of Publication2007
Date Published01/2007
AbstractThe Collaborative CITI Course in Responsible Research is an online responsible conduct of research tutorial deveoped in 2000 at the request of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The CITI program has expanded over the years and since January 2007 it allows subscribing members to include institution-specific information in their online courses s Users and instructors also have the ability to tailor the course to their own discipline (humanities, biological sciences, etc.) and to track the progress of a user through the course. This course also offer a more general course open to individuals without a university subscription. The CITI program has also developed courses focusing on health information and security, and a course for individuals working with lab animals.
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