San Code of Research Ethics

TitleSan Code of Research Ethics
Publication TypeGuidelines & Policies
AuthorsSouth African San Institute
PublisherSouth African San Institute
Place PublishedKimberly, Northern Cape, South Africa
Year of Publication2017
Pagination4 p.
Date Published03/2017
Publication LanguageEnglish
AbstractThe San people of South Africa issued a code of ethics for researchers in March 2017 that lays out a process and a set of requirements that researchers must follow if they would like to engage in research with this indigenous community. The code requests researchers to submit proposals for their studies to the San councils for approval. Researchers are expected to respect the privacy of San, not take or publish photos of individuals without their consent, and not bribe individuals to take part in their studies. They also ask that researchers communicate honestly with the San and do not misrepresent the purpose of their work.
NotesYou can find more information about this Code in a March  2017 article from Science Magazine at
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