Outline of an Ethics Assessment Framework

TitleOutline of an Ethics Assessment Framework
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsBrey, P, Benčin, R, Waro, Z, Jansen, P, Sattarov, F, Reijers, W, Koivisto, R, Tuominen, A, Strle, G, Vejnović, D, Agata, G, Kapeller, A, Callies, I
Date Published109/2017
PublisherStakeholders Acting Together on the Ethical Impact Assessment of Research and Innovation – SATORI
AbstractThis is a summary of a report that presents the outline of an ethics assessment framework for research and innovation in the European Union member states. It discusses stakeholders expectations for the SATORI project, a proposed framework of ethical issues and principles that apply to all types of research as well as principles and issues that apply to specific research context. The report goes on to give recommendations and best practices number of bodies, including governance bodies looking to set regulations with regard to ethics assessment in research and innovation, and universities, civil society organizations and industries looking to adopt ethics assessment best practices. The report also looks at specialized forms of ethics assessment for (1) policy-oriented assessment and guidance of new developments and practices in R&I (with a focus on governmental organisations, national ethics committees, and civil society organisations); (2) guiding, assessing and supporting ethical professional behavior by scientists and innovators; and (3) the ethics assessment of innovation and technology development plans.
NotesVersion 3.0, Deliverable D4.2