Socio-Ethical Implications of Implantable Technologies in the Military Sector [Guest Editorial]

TitleSocio-Ethical Implications of Implantable Technologies in the Military Sector [Guest Editorial]
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsMichael, K, Michael, MG, Galliot, JC, Nicholls, R
JournalIEEE Technology and Society Magazine
Date Published2017
Publication Languageeng
ISBN Number0278-0097
Keywordsdurability , ethical , fabrication , implantable , Internal , MILITARY , nanofabrication , NANOTECHNOLOGY , night , Radiofrequency , RFID , SOCIAL , SPECIAL , super-soldier
AbstractThe military sector has been investing in nanotechnology solutions since their inception. Internal assessment committees in defense programmatically determine to what degree complex technologies will be diffused into the Armed Forces. The broad term nanotechnology is used in this Special Issue of IEEE Technology and Society Magazine to encompass a variety of innovations, from special paint markers that can determine unique identity, to RFID implants in humans. With the purported demand for these new materials, we have seen the development of a fabrication process that has catapulted a suite of advanced technologies in the military marketplace. These technologies were once the stuff of science fiction. Now we have everything from exoskeletons, to wearable headsets with accelerated night vision, to armaments that have increased in durability in rugged conditions along with the ability for central command without human intervention. Is this the emergence of the so-called supersoldier, a type of Iron Man?