Ethics Aware Object Oriented Smart City Architecture

TitleEthics Aware Object Oriented Smart City Architecture
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsSholla, S, Naaz, R, Chishti, MA
JournalChina Communications
Date Published2017
Publication Languageeng
ISBN Number1673-5447
KeywordsAdvanced , architecture , complex , computer , Context , diverse , EOSCA , ethical , ethics , Ethics-Aware , Internet , Law , object , object-oriented , Privacy , security , Smart , society , socio-cultural
AbstractA novel initiative in providing advanced civic amenities is the idea of smart city driven by the Internet of Things. Owing to a lack of consensus regarding what constitutes a smart city, diverse smart city architectures have been proposed. However, it is observed that adequate consideration is not given to the most important element of a smart city i.e. its people. In our opinion, energy efficient technologically driven city does not necessarily lead to a smart city. Ethics, tradition and law form essential ingredients of complex social palette that cannot be ignored. In this work we propose Ethics-Aware Object-Oriented Smart City Architecture (EOSCA) that has two distinguishing features. Firstly, we propose an object oriented layered architecture where an object represents an abstraction of a real world thing along with requisite security and ethics parameters. Secondly, we propose to integrate socio-cultural and ethical aspects within the smart city architecture by dedicating a separate ethics layer. Such enhancement not only addresses the challenge of privacy and security of a smart city, but also makes it people friendly by incorporating ethics. Such measures would facilitate social acceptance of smart city paradigm and augment its economic value.