Bribery and Its Ethical Implications for Aid Workers in the Developing World

TitleBribery and Its Ethical Implications for Aid Workers in the Developing World
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsRemer, J
JournalScience & Engineering Ethics
Date Published2017
Publication Languageeng
ISBN Number13533452
KeywordsBRIBERY , COMMERCIAL , Developing , Embezzlement , ENGINEERING , Foreign , Improper , White
AbstractBribery is a complicated, multi-dimensional issue. Upon first glance, most westerners would immediately condemn it as an underhanded, unfair means of gaining an advantage in a competitive or legal situation, and so it is in virtually every case in the westernized world. However, the issue becomes much more complicated in the international context, particularly in developing nations, where giving and accepting bribes is often normal and expected. This paper serves to inform ethical decision-making in situations where the 'right choice' is unclear with regards to bribery, primarily for individuals performing aid work in foreign countries with corrupt officials and police officers. In such contexts, a simple offering of food, money, or a small trinket may make the difference between a person being able to accomplish meaningful, life-changing work for the local populace or having that work significantly slowed at best and being thrown out of the country, robbed, or imprisoned in worse cases. The larger scale bribery issues in international business and the laws pertaining to them are also discussed.
NotesRemer, J. 1; Email Address:; Affiliation: 1: University of Virginia , 1901 Brandywine Drive Charlottesville 22901 USA; Source Info: Feb2017, Vol. 23 Issue 1, p227; Subject Term: Bribery; Subject Term: White collar crimes; Subject Term: Commercial crimes; Subject Term: Improper corporate payments; Subject Term: Embezzlement; Author-Supplied Keyword: Developing world; Author-Supplied Keyword: Engineering ethics; Author-Supplied Keyword: Foreign aid; Number of Pages: 15p; Document Type: Article