Developing a Scientific Virtue-Based Approach to Science Ethics Training

TitleDeveloping a Scientific Virtue-Based Approach to Science Ethics Training
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsPennock, R, O'Rourke, M
JournalScience & Engineering Ethics
Date Published2017
Publication Languageeng
ISBN Number13533452
KeywordsResponsible , SCIENCE , Scientific , VALUES , VIRTUES , WORKSHOPS
AbstractResponsible conduct of research training typically includes only a subset of the issues that ought to be included in science ethics and sometimes makes ethics appear to be a set of externally imposed rules rather than something intrinsic to scientific practice. A new approach to science ethics training based upon Pennock's notion of the scientific virtues may help avoid such problems. This paper motivates and describes three implementations-theory-centered, exemplar-centered, and concept-centered-that we have developed in courses and workshops to introduce students to this scientific virtue-based approach.
NotesPennock, Robert 1; Email Address: O'Rourke, Michael 2; Affiliation: 1: Lyman Briggs College and Departments of Philosophy and Computer Science & Engineering , Michigan State University , 919 E. Shaw Lane, Rm. E35 East Lansing 48825-3804 USA 2: Department of Philosophy and AgBioResearch , Michigan State University , 536 South Kedzie Hall East Lansing 48824-1032 USA; Source Info: Feb2017, Vol. 23 Issue 1, p243; Subject Term: Values (Ethics); Subject Term: Virtues; Subject Term: Workshops (Adult education); Subject Term: Science students; Subject Term: Science -- Study & teaching; Author-Supplied Keyword: Responsible conduct of research; Author-Supplied Keyword: Science ethics; Author-Supplied Keyword: Scientific virtues; Number of Pages: 20p; Document Type: Article