Engineering Education for Social Justice: Critical Explorations and Opportunities

TitleEngineering Education for Social Justice: Critical Explorations and Opportunities
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsLucena, J
PaginationVI, 290
ISBN Number978-94-007-6350-0
AbstractHoping to help transform engineering into a more socially just field of practice, this book offers various perspectives and strategies while highlighting key concepts and themes that help readers understand the complex relationship between engineering education and social justice. This volume tackles topics and scopes ranging from the role of Buddhism in socially just engineering to the blinding effects of ideologies in engineering to case studies on the implications of engineered systems for social justice. This book aims to serve as a framework for interventions or strategies to make social justice more visible in engineering education and enhance scholarship in the emerging field of Engineering and Social Justice (ESJ). This creates a ‘toolbox’ for engineering educators and students to make social justice a central theme in engineering education.