Mentor Training for Clinical and Translational Researchers

TitleMentor Training for Clinical and Translational Researchers
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsPfund, C, House, S, Asquith, P, Spencer, K, Silet, K, Sorkness, C
Pagination131 p.
PublisherW.H. Freeman
Publication LanguageEnglish
ISBN Number978-1-4641-2455-6
AbstractThe curriculum Mentor Training for Clinical and Translational Researchers is an outstanding means of developing mentorship knowledge and skills across a broad range of mentors in this field, e.g., clinician-scientists and laboratory-based investigators. A broad range of faculty members who have participated in this training, including those with 20–30 years of mentoring experience, report a significant improvement in mentoring skills and increased awareness of factors that shape a mentor-mentee relationship. The training materials included in this curriculum build on a set of core competencies and learning objectives, and at the same time offer flexibility for facilitators to introduce multiple types of group activities and assignments for participants to apply what they have learned in their mentoring practices. The curriculum format is designed to promote peer-learning guided by discussion of provocative mentoring dilemmas that promote reflection of one’s mentoring philosophy and practices.