The HBOC study

TitleThe HBOC study
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsTesta, G
JournalResearch Ethics
Date Published2012
Publication Languageeng
KeywordsBLOOD , BRITISH , MORTALITY , trauma
AbstractThe article offers information on the submission of the request for the ethical approval by the Army of Great Britain for the research study on hemoglobin-based oxygen carriers (HBOCs) in blood substitute to be used in the saline solution in the trauma victims in wars. Topics include infusing saline solution to increase blood volume for the stabilization of blood pressure, increase in mortality and adverse reactions, and trials for the use of HBOCs in their soldiers.
NotesTesta, Georgia 1; Affiliation: 1: University of Leeds, UK; Source Info: Sep2012, Vol. 8 Issue 3, p183; Subject Term: BLOOD substitutes; Subject Term: BRITISH military assistance; Subject Term: TRAUMA therapy; Subject Term: BLOOD pressure; Subject Term: MORTALITY; Number of Pages: 2p; Document Type: Article