Implementing the Netherlands Code of Conduct for Scientific Practice—A Case Study

TitleImplementing the Netherlands Code of Conduct for Scientific Practice—A Case Study
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsSchuurbiers, D, Osseweijer, P, Kinderlerer, J
JournalScience & Engineering Ethics
Publication Languageeng
ISBN Number13533452
Accession Number38798469
Keywordsand , associations; , code , codes , conduct , conduct; , ENGINEERING , ENTHUSIASM; , ethics , ETHICS; , GUIDELINES; , integrity; , Moral , of , research , Research; , Responsibility; , Responsible , SCIENCE , Scientific , SOCIETIES;
AbstractThis article discusses the importance of the implementation phase of developing a code of ethics, and discusses recommendations for doing so by using the case study of how the Netherlands Code of Conduct for Scientific Practice was received by those it is supposed to govern. In a series of interviews, respondents agreed that discussion of the guiding principles of scientific conduct is called for, they did not consider the code as such to be a useful instrument. As a tool for the individual scientific practitioner, the code leaves a number of important questions unanswered in relation to visibility, enforcement, integration with daily practice and the distribution of responsibility.
NotesSchuurbiers, Daan 1,2; Email Address: Osseweijer, Patricia 1,3 Kinderlerer, Julian 1,4; Affiliation: 1: Working Group on Biotechnology and Society, Department of Biotechnology, Delft University of Technology, Julianalaan 67, 2628 BC Delft, The Netherlands 2: Centre for Society and Genomics, Nijmegen, The Netherlands 3: Kluyver Centre for Genomics of Industrial Fermentation, Delft, The Netherlands 4: Department of Intellectual Property Law, University of Cape Town, Cape Town, South Africa; Source Info: Jun2009, Vol. 15 Issue 2, p213; Subject Term: ENTHUSIASM; Subject Term: CODES of ethics; Subject Term: GUIDELINES; Subject Term: SOCIETIES; Subject Term: SCIENTIFIC associations; Author-Supplied Keyword: Code of conduct; Author-Supplied Keyword: Moral responsibility; Author-Supplied Keyword: Research integrity; Author-Supplied Keyword: Responsible conduct of research; Author-Supplied Keyword: Science and engineering ethics; Number of Pages: 19p; Illustrations: 2 charts, 4 graphs; Document Type: Article
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