Ten Simple Rules for Reproducible Computational Research

TitleTen Simple Rules for Reproducible Computational Research
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsSandve, GKjetil, Nekrutenko, A, Taylor, J, Hovig, E
JournalPLoS Comput Biol
Date Published2013/10/24/
Publication Languageeng
AbstractReplication is the cornerstone of a cumulative science [1]. However, new tools and technologies, massive amounts of data, interdisciplinary approaches, and the complexity of the questions being asked are complicating replication efforts, as are increased pressures on scientists to advance their research [2]. As full replication of studies on independently collected data is often not feasible, there has recently been a call for reproducible research as an attainable minimum standard for assessing the value of scientific claims [3]. This requires that papers in experimental science describe the results and provide a sufficiently clear protocol to allow successful repetition and extension of analyses based on original data [4].
Short TitlePLoS Comput Biol