Big Farma

TitleBig Farma
Publication TypeCase Study
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsConnolly, P, Althaus, RA, Skipper, RB
PublisherAssociation for Practical and Professional Ethics
AbstractGiant agricultural companies like Monsanto and DuPont are encouraging farmers to subscribe to perscriptive planting technologies, or the use of farm equipment sensors to send data not just to individual farmers, but also these corporations. The corporations compile the data for a fee and send the aggregated information to the farmers, proscribing what seeds to plant, when, and at what depth to get the highest yield. Supporters thing this will greatly improve farming which critics worry that the information will be used to manipulate markets and gouge seed prices. 
NotesCase from the 2015 Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl National Competition © Peggy Connolly, Ruth Ann Althaus, Robert Boyd Skipper 2014