Nuclear Energy as a Social Experiment

TitleNuclear Energy as a Social Experiment
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication10
AuthorsVan de Poel, IR
JournalEthics, Policy & Environment: A Journal of Philosophy and Geography
Date Published10/01/
Publication Languageeng
ISBN Number2155-0085
AbstractThe Fukushima nuclear accident contains various lessons for how we are to deal with nuclear risks. In this article, the author focuses on the lessons it implies for the predictability of risks of nuclear technology and, ultimately, on how decisions about the acceptability of nuclear energy technology are to be made. 
NotesCover Date: OCT 2011.Source Info: 14(3), 285-290. Language: English. Journal Announcement: 46-2. Subject: ENVIRONMENTAL ETHICS; ETHICS; FUKUSHIMA; NUCLEAR ENERGY; NUCLEAR POWER; RISK; SOCIAL EXPERIMENT. Update Code: 20150211.