Biocentric Ethics and Animal Prosperity

TitleBiocentric Ethics and Animal Prosperity
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsAnchustegui, AT
JournalInternational Journal of Applied Philosophy
Date PublishedSpring2005
Publication Languageeng
ISBN Number0739098X
KeywordsANIMAL , LABORATORY , research
AbstractSinger's utilitarian and Regan's deontological views must be rejected because: (1) they rely on criteria for moral standing that can only be known a priori and (2) if these criteria were successful, they'd be too restrictive. I hold that while mental properties may be sufficient for moral standing, they are not necessary (3) Their criteria of moral standing do not unambiguously abrogate needless harm to animals. The author defends a theory of biocentric individualism that upholds the principle of species egalitarianism while at the same time recognizing that in certain cases, human needs must outweigh the needs of non-humans.
NotesAnchustegui, A. T. 1; Affiliation: 1: Boise State University; Source Info: Spring2005, Vol. 19 Issue 1, p105; Subject Term: ANIMAL experimentation; Subject Term: LABORATORY animals; Subject Term: ANIMAL models in research; Subject Term: RESEARCH; Subject Term: RESEARCH -- Moral & ethical aspects; NAICS/Industry Codes: 112999 All other miscellaneous animal production; NAICS/Industry Codes: 112990 All Other Animal Production; Number of Pages: 15p; Document Type: Article